SANITIZE & CLEAN Your Home With the Power of Steam! Proven to Kill 99% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses*

Limited Time Offer: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE just pay shipping.

SteamFX Pro Accessories

Total Home Natural Cleaning

H2O SteamFX™ Cleaning System

11-piece system 

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Just pay separate p&h

Four easy payments of:


Full price: $199.80 | $19.95 p&h

Includes 11 Pcs:
H2O SteamFX Unit • Mop Head • Bundle of 3 Extension Bars • Window Cleaning Tool with Squeegee • Garment Steamer Tool • Microfibre Cloth for Mop Head • Window Cleaner Coral Cloth • Garment Steamer Microfiber Cloth • Round Brush • Bent Nozzle • Long Spray Nozzle

1 Year Warranty
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee**

Why H2O SteamFX™ Pro?

The H2O SteamFX™ Pro gives you an UNLIMITED supply of germ & virus killing steam.

Bathrooms, Kitchen, Carpets, Garments, Upholstery, Hard Surface Floors, And So Much More!

Powerful • Lightweight • Affordable • Versatile • Easy to Use • Chemical Free

Protect Your Family with a Sanitizer that NEVER runs out!


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Why Clean & Sanitize with Steam?

The beauty of steam cleaning is that it uses superheated water instead of chemicals without sacrificing results! In fact, the H2O SteamFX™ Pro steam cleaner is lab proven to kill 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses*, making it the family safe, healthy, eco-friendly, and all-natural way to clean your entire home.

Steam Clean Virtually Every SurfaceƗ in Your Home!

Use the floor steamer on vinyl, laminate, sealed hardwood, marble, and more. Add the glider to clean and refresh carpets and rugs. As a handheld steamer it works on countertops, windows, bathroom tile, porcelain, stainless steel sinks, and more. 

floor steam mop

Perfect for your home – top to bottom!

Innovative Features

Clean, Deodorize, & Kill Germs and Viruses Without Harmful Chemicals with a 5 in 1 Cleaning System!

Floor Cleaner

Sanitize and polish hardwood, tile, and linoleum. Clean and deodorize carpets. Great for pet accidents!

Hard Surface Cleaner

Clean glass and mirrors for a streak-free shine. Tackle hard water and soap scum and melt away grime and grease.

Spot Cleaner

Perfect for accidental spills and quick cleanups. Clean deodorize and help sanitize all in 1 step.

Fabric Steamer

Remove wrinkles from clothes, fabrics, curtains and more.

Upholstery Steamer

Deodorize furniture and upholstery in the house and car. Refresh your mattress and bedding.

What's Included?

1 x H2O SteamFX Unit 
1 x Mop Head 
1 x Bundle of 3 Extension Bars
1 x Window Cleaning Tool with Squeegee
1 x Garment Steamer Tool
1 x Microfibre Cloth for Mop Head
1 x Window Cleaner Coral Cloth
1 x Garment Steamer Microfiber Cloth
1 x Round Brush
1 x Bent Nozzle
1 x Long Spray Nozzle

(11 pieces altogether)

Includes Everything You Need

Attachments to tackle most of your cleaning needs.

Protect Your Family Today!

Protect Your Family Today!

SteamFX Pro Accessories

H2O SteamFX™ Cleaning System

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Just pay separate p&h

Four easy payments of:


Full price: $199.80 | $19.95 P&H

Limited Time Offer:
Get a second unit free, just pay shipping.

1 Year Warranty
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee**

Offer Details: 4 Payments of $49.95 plus $19.95 P&H, or $199.80 plus $19.95 P&H. Get a second unit for free, just pay additional P&H. Not suitable on unsealed wood or unsealed laminate. Always test on an inconspicuous area before steam cleaning a larger area.

*Controlled lab tests have shown that when applied for approximately 15 seconds, H2O SteamFX Pro can kill 99% of common bacteria and viruses depending on the surface treated when used as the handheld unit. Efficacy varies according to treatment time and surface treated.

**30 Day Money-Back Guarantee does not include shipping costs.

Ɨ Not suitable on unsealed wood or unsealed laminate. Always test on an inconspicuous area before steam cleaning a larger area.

This offer may be discontinued at any time without notice.
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